Incredibly smart. Unbelievably loyal.

The Rottweiler is truly an incredible breed that when raised correctly is an amazing companion and perfect addition to any family.

Rottweiler Training Guide – How To Properly Train A Rottweiler
Exercising Tips And Ideas
Obedience Training
Rottweiler Temperament – The Facts You Need To Know

Crate Training

Crate Training for Your Rottweiler So you have a new Rottweiler in your possession. Whether you’ve purchased your new pooch, adopted it, or it has

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Outdoor Activities

Outdoor Activities for Rottweilers The Rottweiler is one of the oldest domestic dog breeds around. Originating in Germany, the history of this beloved dog breed

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Are Rotties the right breed for you?

Rottweilers are intelligent, loving, energetic, kind and amazing dogs, but this breed is certainly not for everyone. However for those people who have what it takes to own and care for a Rottweiler will have a wonderful and loyal companion by their side.

If you give them exactly what they need, you will never have any problems with these dogs. However if you don’t know what you’re doing, don’t give them enough exercise, don’t stimulate their minds and don’t keep them busy – you will feel like you’ve hit the giant wall.

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Leash Pulling

Correcting Your Rottweiler’s Leash Pulling Rottweilers are known for being a strong breed. They are quite large, ranging from 75 to 130 pounds, depending on

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Behavioral Issues