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Jumping On People

Rottweiler Jumping On People

Stop Your Rottweiler From Greeting People By Jumping On Them

Rottweiler Jumping On PeopleWe all know how excited our Rottweilers get when we come home. They want to jump all over you and give you kisses and tell you how much they missed you. Unfortunately, this is very bad behavior, especially if you have guests who like to come over. I’m sure they do not want to get knocked to the ground, so you must teach your Rottweiler the proper way to greet a guest. Your Rottweiler’s first instinct is to jump up and sniff your face. This is how they greet other dogs, so this is how they think they greet you too. Using a few exercises, you can teach your Rottie that jumping is not a good way to greet your guests, and this bad behavior does not get you praise or attention.

First Exercise

When you come home, remember to stay calm. When you open the door and you are greeted by a jumping Rottie, look over the dogs head and keep your hands away from them. Once the dog’s front paws are on the ground, immediately pet them and give them quiet attention. Do not get excited, keep calm.
If the dog continues to jump, turn your back to them. Keep your back turned from them until they have all four paws on the ground, then immediately give them quiet praise and attention.

Second Exercise

You can also teach your Rottweiler good greeting manners by teaching them to sit when they are greeting you or a guest. When you come home and your dog is jumping on you, tell them to sit. Once they have sat down, give them quiet praise and attention. Another way you can teach the “sit” greeting is by walking back out the door when your dog starts jumping on you when you walk in. Keep the door cracked and ask your dog to sit. Only when they have done so, enter the house and if they remain sitting, give them immediate quiet praise and attention.

Third Exercise

If your Rottweiler is a playful pooch, and happens to have toys they like to run around with, leave a toy by the door at all times for when you come home. When youCalm Rottie enter the house, grab the toy and throw it for your Rottweiler to avert them from jumping on you. This will cause your dog to forget about jumping on you and immediately focus on the toy you are going to throw for them. Make sure to give them lots of quiet praise and attention for not jumping on you.

Fourth Exercise

Have your friends come over and help. Invite your friends over and tell them when you open the door to calmly and quietly walk in and keep their eyes off the dog and hands tucked away. If the dog jumps, tell them to turn around and keep their backs to the dog. Once the dog has all four paws on the ground, tell them to quietly pet the Rottie on the head. Make sure, as the master, you also give your Rottweiler quiet praise for keeping their paws on the floor. Hopefully this will help your Rottweiler learn how to properly greet people without jumping on them.

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