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Most Common Rottweiler Training Mistakes

We all want the best training for our Rottweilers. Whether we are training them on our own, or hired someone to train them for us, there are many mistakes that could be made while conducting your training sessions. Following, I will discuss what some of those minor and major mistakes are, and how they can be prevented.

Discipline During Training

Dog Training DisciplineIt is very easy to find yourself frustrated with training. Especially if you Rottweiler is excitable and aloof. When your Rottweiler decides it doesn’t feel like paying attention to your training sessions, you may find them unfocused and distracted. This can be incredibly frustrating, especially when you have a busy life and are struggling to find time for training. And finally, you find time for training, and your Rottie just isn’t having it. When frustrations run high, we tend to lash out. But training time is not time for lashing out just because you are frustrated. If your dog is not performing how you want them to, the number one big mistake that is made is to discipline your Rottweiler during training sessions. It is never ok to hit or scream at the dog, no matter how angry you may be. This is the number one mistake that people make when training their dogs. Once you establish a sense of fear, you will never accomplish what you are trying to train them to do. If the dog becomes fearful of you, you may as well end the training session and start again on another day. If training feels anything at all like punishment, the dog will not respond. It is your job to keep your tempers under control at all times, and to be patient and understanding with your Rottweiler.

Pulling or Jerking on the Leash

If you are training your dog to walk on a leash, it is a common mistake to think that pulling and jerking on the leash when your Rottweiler is pulling you or disobeying you is the solution. It actually causes a battle of the leash that consists of them pulling, and you pulling back, so they will pull again, and you pull again. This gets neither of you anywhere. The correct way to correct this common mistake is to be firm and stand your ground. If they pull, just stand firm. When you pull back, the dog becomes confused and you begin a tug of war game between you two. This may be all fun and games for your Rottweiler, but you are not playing that game. You must control the “game” you are playing. If they pull you in one direction, turn around and begin walking in another direction. Always be the leader, never the follower.

Coddling Your Scared Rottweiler

It is heart breaking to see your Rottweiler in angst. When a thunderstorm comes and they immediately become frightened and maybe even pee on your floor, it is important to create a sense of normalcy. If you express to the dog that everything is fine and ignore their concern, they will follow suit. I know it is your first instinct to coddle them and tell them it is going to be alright, but doing so only encourages this behavior.

Talking to Your Rottweiler

Confused RottweilerYou may be confused by this. Why shouldn’t I talk to my Rottweiler? It’s simple. Your Rottweiler does not understand what you are saying to him/her. Talking to your Rottweiler, especially during training sessions does nothing but confuse your dog. Try to keep the talking to a minimum and only say the words you are using in the training session. If you are trying to teach your dog to sit, and you are asking it, “Sit, sweety, please sit for me. Come on, I know you can do it. Sit, please. Sit.” This is going to confuse the dog to no end. Keep it simple for them. Just say, “sit.” And leave it at that.

Rewarding or Disciplining Your Rottweiler in an Untimely Manner

When you ask your Rottweiler to perform a command for you, it is very important to make sure you give immediate praise for doing what you are asking of them. If you wait until after your training sessions to reward your Rottweiler, they will not understand what the reward is for. You must be immediate with your rewarding. This also goes for discipline or discouraging. If you catch your Rottweiler in the act of doing something they are not supposed to be doing, you must immediately tell them, “no.” If you do not happen to catch them in the act, then you also may not discipline them for it. If your Rottweiler ate the couch while you were at work, it doesn’t help to come home and yell at the dog (they don’t know why you are yelling or what you are saying) because they have a very short term memory, and will not know why you are mad at them. This is the part of being a pet owner that is no fun. You must simply clean up the mess in silence. The best form of discipline in this case is to simply ignore the dog. So make sure you are always prompt with your rewarding and discipline so your Rottweiler understands why they are being rewarded and also so they understand what they did wrong.

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